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PAN GREGORIAN ENTERPRISES, INC. (PGE) is a restaurant /diner cooperative. It was established in 1983 as a food service cooperative to serve the independently owned restaurant industry in New Jersey.

While the PGE concept started in New Jersey, through its success, it quickly expanded to other markets to include Metro New York, Long Island, Upper New York, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina. PGE was established with just one goal in mind, to assist the independent restaurant/diner owner by negotiating the lowest cost and ensuring the highest quality of the food served and the supplies usead by its members. In addition to this, PGE is helping the independent operator in lowering costs and increasing profits through direct negotiations, as a combined force, with suppliers and manufacturers.

Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc. of New Jersey is comprised of 320 Stockholders and 800 Associate Members, all of which are working together for their common good. It is an organization that is managed and operated by its own members. The Board of Directors is elected from the membership and each member is an independent operator.

Currently, there are over 200 programs which have been specifically designed to develop new and existing opportunities for the PGE members. Our organization strives to secure for its members the same benefits franchises have enjoyed for years. It also creates a logical start for many vendors to introduce new products and services for our members. We have proven time and again that with cooperation and understanding, every independent operator can achieve a successful advantage over the ever-increasing competition.


November 10, 2024


PGEI of America Charitable Foundation GALA

on November 10th, 2024, celebrating its 40th Anniversary.



PGEI of America Charitable Foundation


2024 - 2025 SCHOOL YEAR

P.G.E.I. of America Charitable Foundation is now accepting applications to award Academic Excellence Scholarships to high school graduates of Hellenic descent. 

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