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A Philanthropic Organization of Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc. was organized by the late George M. Manolios in 1985 and was legally recognized by the state of New Jersey as P.G.E.I. of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. in 1987. The foundation’s charitable activities underlying the gratitude of Pan Gregorian’s membership to their patrons and the general public for supporting their diners and restaurants over the years.

Since its inception the P.G.E.I. Foundation has focused on easing the pain and suffering of children, especially those suffering with cancer and heart disease. the foundation has succeeded over the years in donating over $2,200,000 to organizations such as:

W.T.C. relief fund – Victims of 9-11
Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund at Hackensack hospital
Cyprus Children’s fund
Deborah Hospital – Heart and Lung Center
Ronald McDonald House
St. Basil’s Academy
Pan Epirotic Federation of America, Canada and Australia
Rutgers University
Earthquake Victims
B’nai B’rith Foundation
St. Michael’s Home for the Aged
Metropolis of New Jersey…
… and Other Charitable Causes.

The Foundation’s contributions are raised through its Annual Charity Banquet, souvenir journal, raffles, concerts and coin boxes at Pan Gregorian Enterprise’s member locations. It is only much appreciated support of Pan Gregorian Enterprise’s members, vendors and friends that the Foundation has been able to succeed.

The Board of Trustees extends a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all of the P.G.E.I. Foundation’s supporters and friends.

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